Leaving Certificate Higher Level Physics

Leaving Certificate Higher Level Physics

At Target Maths Academy we will cover the following topics on the Physics course:

• Light and Sound
• Electricity
• Heat
• Mechanics
• Modern Physics
• Particle Physics

One of the first things taught as part of our grinds classes is to ensure students are
competent at the basics, calculator use, formulae manipulation and the use of resources.

With strong emphasis on learning definitions, experiments and the understanding of key terms in the exam questions, we ensure our students are well prepared for whatever the exam throws at them.

With the Physics course being such a long course, it is essential that all topics are
covered. In recent years exam questions have had mixed topics, so excluding topics is not an option. With comprehensive notes being supplied to the students we make studying Physics a much simpler task.

All leaving cert questions relevant to each topic are provided with a full set of solutions
making revision for students at any stage in the year more efficient.